Lead Generation and Sale Analytics

Qualify leads and close more deals with unique insights into any website's analytics. Tailor your pitch to your leads' needs based on their online performance metrics

Lead generation data

Optimize Lead Qualification and Distribution with Data-Driven Insights Into Any Website’s Analytics.

Determine if a lead meets your company’s criteria for website traffic and marketing activity

Analyze a lead’s website performance and uncover pain-points your company can solve

Assign the right leads to the right person based on lead size, industry, online activity and pain points

Jumpshot knows your customer’s complete online journey.

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Close more deals with in-depth knowledge of your leads’ online performance and competitive landscape.

Bring in more business with data-driven insights into your leads’ online ecosystem, performance and competition. Optimize your outreach with tailored pitches that include:

Pinpointed recommendations on where to focus business efforts based on website performance analysis

In-depth competitive analysis that identifies the competitor’s leading product, marketing strategies and campaigns

Sales analytics
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