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Know more about your customers and grow your business with in-depth analysis of their searching, browsing and shopping behaviors, on any site.

Marketing tools

Optimize Marketing Spend and Increase ROI

Optimize inbound and outbound marketing channels with data-driven insights that traditional analytics tools can’t provide.

Regain visibility into 95% of the organic search phrases driving visitors to websites that are (Not Provided) by common analytics tools

Tie consumer search queries to traffic and conversions with Jumpshot’s Keywords Research tool

Re-engage customers by discovering where they go after they leave your site

Jumpshot knows your customer’s complete online journey.

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Discover New Opportunities to Reach Your Customers

Grow your business with in-depth marketing analytics that supplies you a complete picture of your customers’ online lives, including:

What your customers search, the websites they visit and the products they purchase

The natural and paid search phrases driving potential customers to your competitors’ sites

The leading promotions and marketing campaigns driving people and sales to your competition

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