SoundCloud vs. Pandora: Community curation overtakes algorithm recommendations

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With licensing deals, partnerships, and acquisitions, the streaming music industry is constantly moving and shaking. Today’s music services include everything from compulsory internet radios to on-demand streaming platforms and audio distribution platforms. While Spotify dominates the market, SoundCloud rises to popularity, Apple Music stumbles, and Pandora attempts to reinvent itself.

Of all the different music streaming services competing for the hearts of music lovers, one service has been garnering global attention, appraisal, and competition. SoundCloud – the “YouTube for music” – rose to popularity because it brings the community back to center stage by allowing musicians to upload their own audio content, build their brand, and engage with their listeners. The platform is comprised of a thriving community of music lovers that curate, rate and discuss music, making it more engaging than Pandora, where algorithms compute playlists. We decided to investigate user behavior on Pandora and SoundCloud to shed some light on how music lovers are shaping the industry.

Check out the infographic below for unique insights into these two music streaming platforms.

SoundCloud vs. Pandora user behavior infographic

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