How Google shook up paid and organic search clicks in 2016

We recently covered some of the algorithm and layout changes that Google made to its search engine in 2016. Perhaps the biggest change was the paid search layout change in Q2 whereby Google began to display up to four paid ads above the fold. This change caused a lot of volatility in the distribution of paid…

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How Google Search Changed in 2016

Each time Google modifies its algorithm or the layout of its search results page, marketers must reevaluate their strategy for organic and paid search because what worked in the past may not continue to work. 2016 brought a number of changes to Google’s search results that were big enough for marketers to take note of….

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Jumpshot-Moz Webinar: Tying Keywords to Conversions in a ‘Not Provided’ World on Feb 18th at 1pm EST

Identifying and focusing on the keywords that drive traffic and conversions to a website is critical to success in both SEO and SEM initiatives. However, it has become increasingly harder to identify those keywords, organic and paid. Ever since search engines transitioned into encrypted search SEO professionals have little to no visibility into natural search…

Five Tips to Take Your SEO to The Next Level in 2016

The search industry is in a constant state of flux. The days of search engine optimization focusing on the technical aspects of website structure, navigation, metadata and the likes are long gone. SEO has become a higher-stakes game, grounded in a holistic marketing approach that involves cultivating micro-influencer relationships, crafting original and compelling content, and…