The Searching, Shopping & Streaming Behaviors of Online Daters

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Thanks to the internet, people no longer have to rely on matchmaker friends or awkward blind dates to find their significant others. Online dating has become mainstream – and matchmaking websites are just as diverse as the people they’re looking to set up.

With the help of Jumpshot Elite and the Keywords Research tool we set out to analyze online streaming, shopping and searching behaviors of daters from seven popular online dating services: Ashley Madison, ChristianMingle, JDate, eHarmony, FarmersOnly, Zoosk and PlentyOfFish. Whether you’re a marketer, an advertiser or an eligible single looking for a like-minded lover, read on for our data-driven dating discoveries. You might be surprised by the unique behavioral patterns we’ve detected, like JDater’s vacuum cleaner fixation.

Ashley Madison

After the recent hacking scandal, the whole world knows that Ashley Madison users are mostly bots, and the rest are predominantly philandering men looking to cheat on their spouses. Regardless of if you believe some or all of the conclusions derived from analyzing the leaked user data, our own data proves that Ashley Madison daters have ample sex – or at least intend to. Ashley Madison users purchase “Shibari Premium Intimate Lubricant” 7.3 times the average on Amazon. The data has spoken.

It’s also not surprising that Ashley Madison users are interested in sex-based pranks – their YouTube streaming behavior proves that they watch videos like “Top 5 Pranks 2015 (GONE SEXUAL)” and “Cheating on Girlfriend Prank!” 3.6 times more than the general public. Data also reveals that these users dig rap and R&B, with nearly a fifth of users listening to these genres 4.6 times the general population. In fact, all of the top five most streamed music videos are of the rap variety, with 9 percent of users streaming Omarion and Chris Brown’s “Post to Be” official video. With lyrics like, “If your chick come close to me, she ain’t going home when she post to be,” it’s no wonder that people actively looking for affairs on Ashley Madison jam to this explicit beat.


Perhaps JDate users all have a case of Woody Allen-esque neurosis, causing them to buy vacuum cleaners on Amazon 35 times more often than the general public – that’s a lot of vacuuming! Jdate daters also differ from the general public by searching for Skype 10.4 times more than average, suggesting that they are looking for a video chat solution prior to a face-to-face meet, just like the service recommended. Depressingly, Ashley Madison is almost 60 times more popular than JDate in California, and 50 times more popular in New York, meaning that there are far more cheaters in these states than eligible Jewish singles. Oy vey.


ChristianMingle users are typically looking for partners with matching morals, so it’s no surprise that these users love Christian music – nearly 19 percent of users stream this music on YouTube, which is 8.2 times more often than the general public. A bit more surprising is ChristianMingle users’ love for Guns N’ Roses; they stream the rock band’s “November Rain” 2.5 times more than the general public, which is equivalent to how often they stream the Christian jam “Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)” by Chris Tomlin. Maybe Axl Rose is the messiah of rock music.


eHarmony users love pop: four out of five of the leading videos streamed by these users on YouTube are pop songs. 12 percent of users stream Sam Smith hits like “I’m Not the Only One” and “Stay With Me.” eHarmony users also likely have children, as they search for “pbs kids” 13 times more than the general public. And these users online shopping behavior suggest that they are looking for other ways to get out there and spice up their lives a bit, but in a more tame way than Ashley Madison daters – eHarmony daters buy the party game Cards Against Humanity 3.77 times more than the average customer.


FarmersOnly daters have a penchant for country music and fitness, which makes sense considering that most of them probably live in rural areas and spend much of their time doing manual labor. Twenty-two percent of FarmersOnly users stream country music on YouTube, and they buy FitBits on Amazon 8.4 times more often than the general public. Furthermore, they search for fitness plans and sports supplies 14.5 times more than average. If you’re looking for a buff jock, it might be time to leave the city and check out FarmersOnly.


Much like FarmersOnly daters, Zoosk users are also into fitness – they search for fitness related keywords almost 12 times more than average. Based on their search behavior, there is a strong possibility that this dating service’s user demographics skew younger – Zoosk daters search for Chegg Tutors and Steven Universe cartoons 11 times more than average. They also aren’t loyal to Zoosk – they search for other “dating sites” and “free dating sites” 11.4 times more than average, implying that they either don’t love the service or that they are still trying to play the field.


With cameos in Lady Gaga, Flo Rida and Jason Derulo music videos, PlentyOfFish appeals to the music lover – especially rockers. Eight out of ten of the leading videos streamed by users on YouTube are rock videos. More than 28 percent of the community streams one of these videos, which is 2.5 times the average. The most popular video award goes to Guns N’ Roses’ “November Rain,” implying that Marvin Gaye takes a back seat on the sexytime playlists of both PlentyOfFish and ChristianMingle users.

Bottom line: Analyzing the consumer behavior of online daters not only provides valuable insights for those seeking like-minded lovers, but for advertisers and marketers as well. With JDater’s love of cleaning supplies and FarmersOnly’s FitBit fixation, we may have uncovered marketing matches made in heaven. This just goes to show that the more you know about your target, the more you and your potential customers benefit: you can customize your message, offering and outreach, ensuring that your consumers enjoy tailor-made fits.

For more insights into online dating platforms, daters and their online behavior, join us at ClickZ Live Chicago. Deren Baker, Jumpshot’s CEO, will cover best practices in customer journey mapping in a session titled Creating Your Digital Roadmap: Transforming the Customer Journeyat 12:05 pm of November 18th. We hope to see you there.

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