Three Things The Travel Tech Industry Can Teach Marketers

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Remember the days of calling up your travel agent when you wanted to take a trip? Or relying on Lonely Planet and other travel guidebooks for trusted travel reviews? Long gone are the days of booking airplane tickets and hotel rooms over the phone. From innovative companies like Airbnb to highly-efficient online travel agencies like Travelocity, technology inches us closer together every day, exposing us to new ways of exploring the world. Today, the possibilities for travel are limitless and the world is just a few clicks away. But which clicks exactly?

Jumpshot’s CEO Deren Baker has spent 15 years as an executive in the travel tech industry leading product strategy, merchandising and client implementations. Prior to Jumpshot, Deren was the COO of Switchfly, a loyalty and e-commerce travel tech platform that generated over $1 billion in annual sales, and the SVP of Product at Travelocity. With one foot still in the travel tech industry, Deren also serves as an advisor to Rivet Works. Pulling from his experience and with the help of Jumpshot’s Site Analysis Tool, Deren explores online consumer behavior in the travel industry and provides three takeaways for marketers across all industries to optimize their outreach and ROI, in an article for Chief Marketer.

Travel tech companies, particularly OTAs, understand their customers’ search patterns. Travelers these days use multiple devices and engage with service providers through multiple touch points. For example, I used Airbnb on my recent trip throughout Western Europe and every message I exchanged with my hosts was sent via email, mobile app, or text message, so I was able to communicate effortlessly, regardless of the device I was using. The best travel services create a seamless experience as users switch from desktop to mobile to tablet.  

Understanding your target’s path from search to purchase and creating a cross-device strategy is relevant to any marketing strategy in the digital era, regardless of industry.

Is Airbnb disrupting hotel reservations? How does social media factor into our decision-making process? How can marketers better understand the consumer’s path from search to purchase? And what can companies do to make this path as short and effortless as possible for the consumer? Deren answers these questions and more in his article “Three Things The Travel Industry Can Teach Marketers” on Chief Marketer.

Who knows where the travel industry will be in the future, but one thing is crystal clear, high-growth companies like Airbnb and online travel agencies have had monumental success – and marketers would be wise to take a few pointers from these companies to better their own outreach and marketing strategies.

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