Three Ways CEOs Boost Marketers’ Confidence in Big Data Analytics

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These days data-driven marketing is the norm. Marketers of all shapes and sizes love data, but research indicates that most of them don’t feel confident about using big data analytics. In fact, 42 percent of marketers consider integrating big data analytics this year’s top priority, but only 14 percent feel confident about using the data effectively.

Many marketers are trained to work with words and aesthetics, but the growing significance of big data and data-driven decisions have caused a shift in focus from the more creative to the data-based. Furthermore, marketers need to analyze large data-sets from multiple sources- including, analytics tools, ESPs and advertising platforms- to test, track and optimize campaign performance. Today’s marketers simply must be able to understand and utilize big data.

Deren Baker, Jumpshot’s CEO, taps into his 15 years of experience in executive roles to supply CEOs with three tips to boost their marketing team’s confidence in big data, in an article for CEOWORLD Magazine. Your marketers may not be professional data analysts, but with the right resources they too can conquer the big data mountain.

Marketers’ annual spending on big data analytics exceeds $50 billion, but throwing money at more tools isn’t the answer. The average marketer uses 12 data tools — 9.1 percent use 31 or more- and 61 percent of marketers want more integrated tools and more experienced data professionals.

There are simply too many tools and too few people who know how to use them. Analytics tools for web traffic, apps, social, mobile, and CRM must all be leveraged together to get a clear picture of consumer behavior.

When do you need to get an analyst on board? How do you focus your marketer’s attention on the relevant data? Deren answers these questions and more in his article “3 Ways to Boost Marketers’ Confidence in Their Big Data“ on CEOWORLD Magazine.

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