Top 10 stock tickers searched in September 2016: A look into America’s investment market (part 7)

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Trouble at Wells Fargo and rumors of a Twitter buyout dramatically increased the number of people searching those ticker symbols on Yahoo Finance during September. As a result, the overall volume of stock searchers increased by 21 percent month-over-month. Both companies debuted in our top ten list of the most-searched stocks, while Apple remains in the #1 spot for the seventh straight month. Read on for our full findings.

Top 10 stock tickers searched in September

Every month we use online behavioral data from our 100-million strong consumer panel to rank interest in publicly-traded shares on U.S. markets. Our panel’s Yahoo Finance searches demonstrate consumer and investor interest in the symbols we spotlight.

If there had been any question that news drives searches for individual stocks ticker symbols, September set the record straight. Interest in its ongoing faked accounts scandal drove Wells Fargo to second place in our top ten most-searched list, with nearly 3x the amount of stock searchers in September as in August. Happier news, the release of the new iPhone 7, led #1 Apple to attract 26 percent more stock searches during September than in August. Acquisition rumors swirling around about Twitter, which debuted at 9th place in our top ten list, increased the volume of ticker searchers in September by 51 percent.

What else? Amazon saw a 30 percent increase in MoM search activity, while Bristol-Myers Squibb and Alibaba lost their top-of-mind status. The rest of the top ten list was relatively quiet, with Ford, Bank of America and Tesla losing search traffic while interest in AT&T remained steady.

Amazon’s rise also appeared to be news-driven. On September 8th, Amazon filed a Form 8-k when it elected Daniel P. Huttenlocher as a director and appointed him to the Leadership Development and Compensation Committee of the Board. News is not always dramatic, but it drives search volume nevertheless.

# Stock % of top 10 MoM change in search activity
1 Apple 24% 26%
2 Wells Fargo 11% 170%
3 Facebook 10% 6%
4 Amazon 9% 30%
5 AT&T 8% 0%
6 Ford 8% -3%
7 Bank of America 8% -2%
8 General Electric 7% 7%
9 Twitter 7% 51%
10 Tesla 6% -15%

September’s top movers and shakers

In September, Wells Fargo took first place for MoM changes with a staggering 170 percent increase in searches, due to the controversy surrounding their fake account scandal. Chipotle took second place with a 71 percent growth in search activity after the beleaguered company gave away free food and drink in September. Nike climbed 60 percent MoM and into third position on the strength of better-than-expected earnings report released on September 27th.

On the downside, Nvidia, Pfizer, Cisco and Bristol-Myers Squibb all showed impressive losses in the amount of searchers on Yahoo Finance during September.

# Stock MoM change in search activity
1 Wells Fargo 170%
2 Chipotle 71%
3 Nike 60%
4 Twitter 51%
5 Bristol-Myers Squibb -41%
6 Cisco -40%
7 Pfizer -33%
8 Amazon 30%
9 Nvidia -30%
10 Apple 26%

Bottom line: The uncertainty that propelled Twitter and Wells Fargo into top ten most-searched positions during September continued into October. While interest in Wells Fargo may simmer a bit, Twitter remains at a slow boil as buyout rumors are fanned almost daily. It is not going out on much of a limb to predict Apple will retain its lead going into holiday shopping. More speculative is whether the Samsung Note 7 battery fires and recalls will drag that company into the top ten lists, perhaps kicking and screaming. Find out next time.

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