Top 2016 Oscar Nominated Movies Torrenting Trends

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The Oscars is the most watched award show, followed closely by hundreds of millions of global movie lovers and entertainment fanatics. Last weekend the 2016 Academy Awards ceremony took place, and we at Jumpshot were wondering how the outcome would affect movie viewership. Therefore, we analyzed the search and browsing behaviors of people that visited the leading torrent website, to see if their online behavioral trends fall in line with the Academy Awards results. Read on for our data-driven torrenting findings.

Oscar Leakes

This year, all of the Oscar nominated movies leaked on illegal download websites within a week of their nomination. As a result, we set out to compare the onsite search and browsing behaviors of global visitors to the leading torrent website, The Pirate Bay, between January 1 and February 29, 2016. By focusing our analysis on consumers’ torrenting behaviors for the eight nominees for best movie (Spotlight, The Revenant, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Martian, Room, Brooklyn, The Big Short, and Bridge of Spies) we were able to identify who’s watching what and when. Here are our high-level findings:

1. Who: India is in the lead for overall torrent activity, with 17 percent of the unique searchers and 23.12 percent of the download pageviews. This may not be surprising in itself, but the fact that the British and American people are also amongst the leading groups for torrent activity is. In fact, the United Kingdom is the second country for download activity with nearly 10 percent of the total download pages viewed. America comes in fourth for download activity, with 5 percent of the pageviews.

As for age groups, older millennials between 25-34 years of age are in the lead (accounting for 30 percent of the users), followed closely by 35- 44 year olds (accounting for 27.7 percent of the visitors).

The Pirate Bay User Age Groups by Jumpshot

2. When: Generally speaking, consumer torrenting activity tripled the day following the Oscars. The amount of people that searched for these movies on The Pirate Bay the day following the Oscars was 3.12 times the daily average for 2016, with the total download pageviews 2.8 times the daily average.

3. What: The Revenant came in first for overall torrent activity, with 26 percent of the unique searchers and over a quarter of the total download page traffic. The Martian took second place with half the torrenting activity of The Revenant and 1.6 times that of Spotlight,the 2016 best movie winner. This finding intrigued us, so we decided to dig deeper into the data.

The Day After: Spotlight Wins Again

Using Jumpshot’s Site Analysis solution we discovered that the leading titles people searched for were: The Revenant (26 percent), Brooklyn (16 percent) and The Martian (13 percent), Spotlight (12 percent) and Bridge of Spies (11 percent). We also found that the day after the Oscars has a huge impact on movie viewership.

The 2016 best movie winner Spotlight displayed a daily download increase of 827% the day following the Oscars, compared to the daily average since the beginning of the year. Second place for increase in consumer interest and viewer base goes to Mad Max: Road Fury, that took home six Oscars. Traffic to Mad Max’s download pages increased by 450% the day following the 2016 Oscars. It’s Interesting to note that even though The Revenant was the most downloaded movie its daily download count increased by just 153% the day following the Oscars. These differences in interest and viewership increase strongly indicate that the outcome of the Academy Awards directly influences movie viewership.

2016 Oscar nominated movies search trends on Pirate Bay by Jumpshot

Bottom line: There are a lot of events in the real world that influence the online world, and vice-versa. These ties might not always be obvious or even evident, but they will always be reflected in the data, if you just know where to look. Even though the world has become increasingly more digital, marketers simply cannot forget about the offline world. They must tie these two worlds together to the best of their ability, to ensure they do not miss key opportunities.

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