Summer Slump Moderates, Mozilla Loses Big, TMZ Gains on Bad News: Top Domains in the US for July

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Traffic to the top domains in the us continued to slump in July, but with losses considerably less widespread than the previous month. Our biggest loser during July,, was down nearly 39 percent month-over-month, marking perhaps a return to normalcy rather than a dangerous dip. Our biggest winner,, was up 24 percent as fans mourned the death of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington, who died on June 20.

To prepare this report, we analyzed the clickstream activity of our 100-million global consumer panel to identify the top ten websites by MoM changes in visits from within the US.  

Of the top 5 sites for overall traffic, four were down MoM with only one site gaining and then only slightly. Google’s unique visits were down 3.4 percent in July from June, YouTube fell 1.3 percent, Facebook was off 1.6 percent, and Yahoo dropped 1.3 percent. The lone winner? Amazon, which gained nearly 1 percent from June to July, while competitors and were up 12.7 percent and 11.9 percent, respectively.

So, what happened to Amazon? Our analysis showed that while Amazon traffic did not spike for July 11’s Prime Day, conversions—turning lookers into buyers—did increase sharply. As the overall fourth-ranked domain, Amazon already has plenty of traffic and knows how to turn clicks into sales.

During June, only 13 of the top 200 sites, ranked by traffic, showed an increase in audience. That increased to nearly half—92 of 200—posting a gain for July. March and April have been 2017’s highest traffic months for top domains, with audiences declining since.

July’s top 10 websites for increased traffic MoM showed an impressive 11.4 percent increase during July. Though competitor Netflix easily tops Hulu in total market share, Hulu’s increase in unique visitors swamped Netflix’ tiny 1 percent increase. regained some recent losses, while motion picture and television consumer ratings site gained during summer movie season.

Ranking Domain Percent Gain/-Loss MoM
1 +24.4%
2 +13.5%
3 +12.7%
4 +11.9%
5 +11.4%
6 +8.1%
7 +7.9%
8 +7.8%
9 +7.1%
10 +6.0

July’s top 10 websites for decreased traffic MoM

Until July, had shown double-digit monthly traffic increases tied to technology releases earlier this year. This month’s nearly 39 percent decline may only signify that users who needed downloads have gotten them and traffic is trending back to normal. and are online gaming destinations. Gaming increased with the arrival of summer and now appears to be settling down., one of June’s few winners, fell in July, perhaps as summer vacation booking concluded.

News sites and were both down in June, with losing marginally less. Of course, who wants to visit the IRS on a sunny summer day?

Ranking Domain Percent Gain/-Loss MoM
1 -38.7%
2 -24.9%
3 -14.0%
4 -10.9%
5 -10.2%
6 -9.9%
7 -9.3%
8 -9.1%
9 -9.0%
10 -8.7%

Bottom Line: None of July’s results seem particularly bad or wonderful, explained by seasonality in most cases. Prime Day did not send Amazon’s traffic shooting skyward, just sales as the company converts lookers to buyers like nobody else. August will see the end of vacation and a return to school for many, marking a transition that continues into September.

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