Bad Month for America’s Top Domains, Walmart the Only Top 10 Winner: Here’s What Domains US Residents Visited in June

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If you were away from the Internet for much of June, you were part of a big crowd. Of America’s 200 top domains, only 13 gained audience between May and June. Those lucky sites tended toward travel and gaming, as befits the summer vacation season.

Meanwhile, the month’s biggest month-over-month (MoM) losers included a website builder, three news sites, a department store, and both and With school out, the reference sites suffered.

Our 10 biggest winners among top domains, however, do not translate into America’s most popular Internet destinations. To offer perspective on how even the mighty fell during June, besides the top 10 biggest winners and losers percentage-wise, we will also examine the performance of the 10 largest sites, ranked by total audience.

Only one winner among the 10 most-popular domains.

To prepare this report, we analyzed the clickstream activity of our 100-million global consumer panel to identify the top ten websites by MoM changes in visits from within the US. If there was a need for an example of Internet seasonality, June provided an excellent one.

During June, very recognizable sites lost as much as 12 percent of traffic compared to May, the prior month. These MoM losses were not confined to a single category of site; reference, entertainment, social, and shopping sites suffered almost equally. Only Walmart missed the slide into negative territory, and then only by a single percentage point.

Ranking Domain Percent +Gain/-Loss MoM
1 -11%
2 -7%
3 -7%
4 -6%
5 -12%
6 -11%
7 -7%
8 -7%
9 +1%
10 -4%


June’s top 10 websites for increased traffic MoM

The top 10 MoM gainers were a mixed group that included four gaming sites, three travel sites, for browser downloads and a newspaper.

The success of those sites during an across-the-board down month emphasizes that summer Internet users visit sites to have fun, not work. The winning domains were not business sites, with the exception of Mozilla, up 47 percent and the home of Firefox browser downloads.

The four gaming sites may be unfamiliar to many readers., up 29 percent, describes itself as “the destination to watch premium quality eSports and gaming video.” That also describes competitor offers actual online gaming and is its associated social site. Both were up 10 percent MoM in June., the low-cost airline, was up 9 percent, and, up 7 percent, continued riding a wave of popularity for lower-cost lodging.

Ranking Domain Percent Gain/-Loss MoM
1 +47%
2 +29%
3 +10%
4 +10%
5 +9%
6 +8%
7 +7%
8 +7%
9 +3%
10 +1%


Biggest losers among top domains during June

Weebly, the biggest MoM loser for June, is a site for creating web and ecommerce sites. and should regain strength when students return to classrooms around Labor Day. We offer no opinion on SurveyMonkey’s drop, while NBC news, Reuters, and HuffPo may have suffered as a result of news fatigue among Internet users.’s 17 percent drop revealed June as a better time to consume food than watch cooking programs or read about food online. JCPenney, down 16 percent MoM, seems to face a new crisis almost monthly.

Ranking Domain Percent Gain/-Loss MoM
1 -31%
2 -24%
3 -23%
4 -17%
5 -17%
6 -17%
7 -16%
8 -16%
9 -16%
10 -16%


Both the top winners and losers tended to come from middle of the top 200 list, where smaller changes in audience size translate into significant percentage increases and decreases. Each of the losers took a pretty good hit against total traffic. They also tended to be fairly well-known domains.

Bottom Line: Without comparing to previous years, we cannot say how “good” or “bad” a month June actually was. Next month, we will compare top domains in June to July and perhaps offer some historical perspective as well. If there is a lesson to be drawn from  June it’s that seasonality matters. And sometimes it matters a lot.

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