Top-of-mind stocks: top ten stock ticker searches (part 2)

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For better or for worse, quarterly earnings reports are one of the most influential factors of stock rates, and can dramatically drive prices up or down. Fresh off of the Q1 earnings reports and our recent analysis of the American investment market, we wanted to see which stocks were most highly searched, and detect month-over-month changes. Our analysis revealed that when earnings reports are released, searches fluctuate heavily and a new set of leading stocks emerge. However, one stock has retained top-of-mind status: Apple. Read on for our full findings.

Top ten stock tickers searched in April 2016

We analyzed consumer stock ticker search activity on Yahoo Finance in April 2016 and compared it to the previous month. We found that Apple has consistently led the pack in public interest, accounting for more than a fifth of the activity since the beginning of our analysis in February 2016. A key factor that probably drove the increased interest was Apple’s impressive earnings report that was published in late January. Another interesting find is that an astonishing 91 percent of Americans searched for individual S&P 500 stocks.

So, what has changed since last month? Amazon, Tesla, Microsoft and Netflix made the list, bringing in nearly 35 percent of the stock searchers. Facebook rose from sixth place to second place, AT&T fell from third place to sixth and Bank of America takes last place.

# Stock % of Top 10 MoM change in search activity
1 Apple 23.0% 24.7%
2 Facebook 11.5% 46.3%
3 Amazon 9.9% 48.8%
4 Tesla Motors 8.7% 44.0%
5 Microsoft 8.4% 24.6%
6 AT&T 8.3% -11.9%
7 Ford Motor 8.0% 3.6%
8 Netflix 7.5% 45.5%
9 General Electric 7.4% -15.5%
10 Bank of America 7.3% -5.7%

Leading monthly movers and shakers

Looking into the most popular stocks searched is just one part of the puzzle, as month-over-month changes in public interest reveal additional insights into America’s investments. Many factors can influence investors’ interest in a company’s stock, including corporate communication, legislation, press coverage and actual earnings. Take Sarepta for example, which exhibited a 248 percent month-over-month increase in stock ticker searchers, mainly due to the FDA’s rejection of their Duchenne muscular dystrophy medication. Allergan is another example, as it experienced a199 percent increase in searches, most likely due to their merger breakdown with Pfizer. And Seagate searches increased by 152 percent due to higher than forecasted earnings.

# Stock MoM change in search activity
1 Sarepta Therapeutics 248%
2 Allergan 199%
3 Seagate Technology 152%
4 Under Armour 97%
5 Alcoa 81%
6 Advanced Micro Devices 81%
7 Valeant Pharmaceuticals -50%
8 Chesapeake Energy -40%
9 Kinder Morgan -23%
10 SPDR S&P 500 -22%

It’s interesting that Kinder Morgan’s stock has been consistently decreasing in public interest.

Bottom line: There are a lot of factors influencing stock prices and public awareness, with quarterly earnings reports one of the most crucial. The stock market is unpredictable. Sometimes corporate mishaps and underperformance generate more public interest and trades than forecasted earning reports (ehem, Apple). Things change quickly in the investment market, so you have to keep up-to-date, track performance and understand the risks. We will continue to share our top ten stock ticker analysis, so stay tuned!

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