Top ten Amazon Dash Buttons: A look into America's purchases

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Technology is constantly changing our lives, impacting virtually every aspect from communication, to relationships, information seeking, shopping and more. But are technological advances such as the Amazon Dash Button a response to consumers’ desire for more convenience, or the company’s way of pushing us to digital storefronts? Regardless, our shopping behavior as consumers has changed as we’ve been provided with endless options aimed to make online shopping as effortless as pressing a button.

Initially perceived by the public as an April Fool’s joke, Dash Buttons are actually internet-connected devices that allow consumers to purchase everything from grocers to toilet paper to dog food with just one press of a button. Only Amazon Prime members are eligible for Dash Button benefits (namely, convenience), but as the e-commerce leader recently announced that 80 well-known brands, including Gillette, Tide and Glad have joined the Dash Button lineup, those benefits (and sales) could be increasing.

The addition of these new brands widens the reach of Dash Buttons, allowing for more consumers to get exactly the product they want, when they want it, without the hassle of actually shopping (whether online or off). So we set out to investigate Amazon Dash Button sales to provide insight into customer adoption and purchase trends. We discovered that Charmin dominates across customer cohorts, and that Millennials order a wider variety of products than older generations. Read on for our data-driven e-commerce findings.

Dash for Household Supplies

There are over 100 Amazon Dash Buttons available, broken down into six categories including pet supplies, household essentials, groceries, personal care, beauty and baby supplies. We found that the household supplies buttons dominated sales, as an overwhelming 88 percent of Americans purchased a household supplies Dash Button, with Charmin leading the pack.

Here are the top ten Amazon Dash Buttons purchased:

# Dash Button % of Top 10
1 Charmin 22.7%
2 Bounty 17.8%
3 Tide Pods and Powder 12.3%
4 Finish Dishwasher Detergent 8.6%
5 Glad 8%
6 All Laundry Detergent 8%
7 Gillette 6.7%
8 Red Bull 5.5%
9 Gain 5.5%
10 Angel Soft 4.9%

The leading three buttons sold represent more than half of the activity across cohorts, possibly due to the fact that the marketplace displays them to purchasers as items that are frequently bought together.

Frequently bought together Amazon Dash Buttons

Focus comes with age

The leading Dash Buttons sold across the board suggest that consumers perceive these devices as an easy way to stock up on household essentials. However, the newly added inventory includes groceries, beauty products, pet supplies and healthcare items, so we decided to analyze Dash Button purchases by product type and customer age to understand more these consumers and their shopping preferences.

Our data indicates that even though older generations outnumber Millennial dash purchasers by more than 50 percent, Millennials (age 18 – 34) order a more diverse variety of products than older generations. Perhaps the younger generation doesn’t quite know what it wants, or is simply more accustomed to getting whatever they need online. Regardless, behavioral differences exist between generations in product preferences and purchases.

Here are the top ten Dash Buttons bought by age group:

Millennial leading Dash Buttons Non-Millennial leading Dash Buttons
# Dash Button % of Top 10 # Dash Button % of Top 10
1 Charmin 23.1% 1 Charmin 22.4%
2 Bounty 19.2% 2 Tide Pods and Powder 15.5%
3 Tide Pods and Powder 19.2% 3 Finish Dishwasher Detergent 13.8%
4 Glad 7.7% 4 Bounty 10.3%
5 Gillette 7.7% 5 Smartwater 6.9%
6 Gain 7.7% 6 Gillette 6.9%
7 Maxwell House Coffee 3.8% 7 Red Bull 6.9%
8 Wellness Natural Pet Food 3.8% 8 All Laundry Detergent 6.9%
9 Red Bull 3.8% 9 Glad 5.2%
10 Pure Leaf Iced Tea 3.8% 10 Mrs. Meyers 5.2%

Bottom Line: Amazon Dash Buttons are a tool of convenience for home essentials. Consumers increasingly prefer the ease of a digital storefront over dealing with the Costcos of the world, and the popularity of bulk household supplies purchases via Dash Buttons is proof of this trend. TBD if Amazon can market its Dash Buttons into the clothing, accessories, gadgets and hearts of consumers, but for now, it at least has our attention.

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