Understanding the travel consumer’s path-to-purchase with Jumpshot online booking data

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We are thrilled to announce that EyeforTravel featured Jumpshot’s online travel booking data in their latest white paper, “Understanding the Travel Consumer’s Path to Purchase.” We analyzed the clickstream activity of more than a quarter of a million travel purchasers from the US, UK, Germany, Brazil and India to provide a picture of the global travel path-to-purchase.

Jumpshot analyzed the complete online footprint of consumers that booked flights or accommodations directly with airlines and hotel chains, as well as through online travel agencies (OTA). This provides a deeper understanding of consumer behavior from initial research to product discovery to purchase, and detailed data on what travel consumers view and with what devices at key stages in the path-to-purchase. The results not only shed light on travel consumers’ thought processes, but also pinpoints what travel brands should be doing to capture market share.

Understanding the travel consumer’s path-to-purchase means answering questions such as:

1. Which sites do consumers visit before they book direct or through OTA websites?

2. Which devices do consumers prefer to use in key stages throughout the customer journey?

3. Which travel sites are in the lead for market share?

4. Which travel brands are winning over customer loyalty?

Click here for the full online travel analysis and data-driven insights.

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