Foster customer loyalty with behavioral data analysis of full customer journeys, and identify opportunities to increase market share

Jumpshot’s solutions for travel can provide either a broad landscape overview or a granular depiction of how travel customers behave online, allowing companies to better understand their customers’ motivations, and identify opportunities to engage and convert them. Jumpshot’s in-depth online behavioral data and transaction information enables organizations to benchmark performance of hotel chains by analyzing market share on 3rd-party marketplaces such as Expedia and, understand the unique online footprint of different frequent flyer programs, analyze the difference in mobile vs. desktop behavior on conversion rates of online travel agencies globally, and more.

Site Analysis

Analyze Path-to-Booking Funnels

The five leading online travel websites in the U.S., U.K., Brazil, and India – Expedia,, Airbnb, Priceline and TripAdvisor – receive the majority of their daily visits via mobile-web. However, traffic from mobile browsers does not convert as well as desktop traffic, as the overall average conversion rate on desktop is 2.7x that on mobile browsers.

Mobile-web visits can predict traffic market share dominance, but most accommodation bookings still occur on desktop.


Marketplace Report

Detect Brand Market Share on OTAs

The big 5 hotel chains – Hilton, Choice, Marriott, IHG and Hyatt – have lost a third of their market share on Expedia to other chains and independent hotels between 2015 and 2016. This is most likely a result of their continued pursuit of encouraging travel shoppers to book direct rather than through OTAs.

Choice saw the largest YoY decrease in market share, moving it from the leading hotel chain in 2015 to the runner up in 2016.

Audience Analytics

Analyze Online Footprint of Customer Segments

Delta, Southwest, and United frequent fliers search for StubHub 15-28x more than the general population. These airlines should explore partnership or advertising opportunities with StubHub.

Frequent Fliers of all airlines study electronics on Amazon more than the general population. Airlines should offer more tech perks to their frequent fliers.

American should buy ads specifically targeted around movie trailers, as their frequent fliers stream trailers 9x more than the general population.


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