Trick or Treat, Search & Repeat: Halloween 2015 Costume Trends

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With Halloween less than a week away, it’s officially costume crunch time. If you haven’t picked which spooky style to don yet, don’t fret. We analyzed data from early-bird Halloween shoppers who searched for their ensembles in August and September of 2015 to determine the best places to shop online for your last-minute costume needs. We also listed this season’s most sought after get-ups to make your costume shopping easier. Spoiler alert: scary characters from Gotham and Death Star will be knocking on your door this season.

Leading Halloween Shopping Destinations

Where do consumers go for their costume needs? We analyzed consumer-entered keywords and searches driving people to the top seven e-commerce websites for Halloween costumes: Amazon, Party City, Ebay, Etsy, Spirit Halloween, Walmart and Target. Jumpshot Elite and the Keywords Research tool found that generally speaking, all seven e-commerce websites relied heavily on organic search for their Halloween costume search traffic.

In fact, the average percentage of organic Halloween search traffic for all sites was over 85 percent, with Amazon and Party City in the lead with 95 plus percent and roughly 91 percent organic traffic respectively. Amazon and Party City are also the Halloween costume leads for market share, with roughly 50 percent of the click-throughs from Halloween and costume-related searches.

Halloween 2015 Keywords Traffic Distribution by E-commerce Website

Another interesting find is that nearly 50 percent of the search traffic to these sites resulted from consumers’ search for generic keywords, such as “halloween costume ideas”, “halloween 2015, and “baby halloween costumes,” indicating that many people aren’t just searching for costumes, but they’re searching for ideas as well. Now that we know where to shop, it’s time to identify what to buy.

Top 10 Halloween Costume Picks for 2015

The National Retail Federation recently released its retailer survey-based predictions for the most popular Halloween costumes for 2015, so we decided to see what US real consumers have to say about these predictions. Rather than relying on a survey by retailers, we’re looking into the exact keywords that consumers enter into search engines and then tying them to inbound traffic and conversions. Here are the top 10 costume ideas for 2015:

1. Batman: The winged superhero reigned supreme over costume searches almost a quarter of all Halloween costume search traffic to the seven ecommerce websites. Interesting to note that 42 percent of the click-throughs to Batman-themed costumes originated from consumers searching for Harley Quinn costumes.

2. Star Wars: Star Wars-themed costumes are always in style. But with the first of the highly-anticipated trilogy coming out in December, Stormtrooper, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader get-ups came in at a close second.

3. Disney Descendants: This Disney Channel original movie is cable’s fifth highest-rated movie of all-time, so it’s no surprise that it takes third place on our list. Mal and Evie – the daughters of Maleficent and the Evil Queen – were the most popular costume searches. What’s more, Disney Descendants is runner up for purchases with twice the average conversion rate of each of the top ten themes.

4. Pokemon: Looks like you don’t gotta catch ‘em, after all. More than half of Pokemon-themed costume searches focused on Pikachu. With a costume as comfortable and easy as this onesie, we can’t blame them!

5. Deadpool: With a movie slated to hit theaters in early 2016, it’s no surprise that searches for costumes for this Marvel character drove almost as much traffic as the entire Pokemon theme.  

6. Avengers: Despite its placement on our top searched list, Marvel’s Avengers is the winner for conversion rate from search, with 2.5 times the average costume conversion rate from search on Amazon. Honorable mention: most click-throughs originated from consumers looking for the perfect Black Widow costume.

7. More Disney: Disney’s Inside Out costumes replace Princess Elsa costumes as the most popular Disney-themed costume in this category, followed by consumers searching for Minnie and Mickey Mouse costumes. Classic.

8. Game of Thrones: The fantasy world of the Seven Kingdoms brings in roughly the same percentage of traffic as Disney classics, with most of the consumers searching for costumes related to the beloved and admired Mother of Dragons character.

9. Movies: It will be a grim Halloween with consumers searching for Donnie Darko-themed costumes. Look out for Frank the Bunny. On a lighter note, the leading witch-trio from the beloved Halloween classic, Hocus Pocus, also came up several times in this category.

10. DC Comics: Despite Marvel’s dominance on this year’s list, DC Comics superheroes still made the cut. DC Comics’ Batman came in at the top and other comic book characters just barely made the list, with Wonder Woman and Superman as the most searched DC Comics costumes.

Top ten costume themes for Halloween 2015 based on consume keywords

Bottom Line: Whether you want to roll with the masses or ensure that you come up with a unique getup, our data can direct you to the most popular places to purchase this season’s most sought-after Halloween costumes. Our consumer keyword data predicts that we will have a villain themed Halloween, with Harley Quinn and Stormtroopers knocking at your door. Time will tell if these search trends transform into last-minute costume purchases, but one thing is clear: retailer-based surveys does not reflect real consumer search behavior. Stop inferring what your consumers want and start knowing the actual search phrases and keywords that drive them to you.

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