The unique shopping trends of US and UK consumers: Top ten products sold on Amazon

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Last month, we launched our monthly analysis of US and UK residents’ Amazon shopping trends, looking at transaction information from the beginning of 2016. Through analyzing individual purchases, we discovered behavioral differences in shopping behavior among the two customer groups. This month we found again that there is a clear preference for Amazonbranded products among Americans, and an affinity for gaming products among UK residents. Read on for our full shopping analysis.

September’s top 10 products purchased on Amazon by US and UK consumers

We analyzed Amazon sales data for September to detect the top ten items purchased by US and UK residents and MoM changes in shopping behavior. First, we found that while 6 out of 10 of the most popular products purchased by US consumers were Amazon-branded products, only 3 of the marketplace’s own products made the UK list.

Our data indicates that 60 percent of US consumers purchased an Amazon-branded product, compared to merely a third of UK shoppers. This lack of interest in Amazon-branded products by UK residents is balanced with their desire for gaming products, as over half of the consumers purchased video games or memory cards used for gaming.

Americans love Amazon: Top ten products purchased by US consumers

Time and time again we find that Amazon is great at selling its own products, with the marketplace’s gift cards consistently in the lead for online transactions. In September, gift card sales decreased, Fire TV Stick sales increased MoM, and pre-sales of Amazon’s new Echo Dot, set to debut on October 20th, attracted 10 percent of the purchasers.

What else? Captain America: Civil War is the top grossing movie so far this year, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it made the top ten list, following the release of the digital HD and Blu-ray versions of the movie in early September. iPhone 7 screen protectors also made the cut for September following the September 7th launch.

Here’s the full top ten list for Amazon purchases by US consumers:

% Product % of Top ten MoM Changes
1 Amazon Gift Card 20% -7%
2 Amazon Fire TV Stick 14% 15%
3 Amazon Echo Dot – 2nd Generation 10% N/A
4 AmazonBasics HDMI Cable 9% 6%
5 AmazonBasics Apple Lightning to USB Cable 9% -1%
6 SanDisk 64GB microSDXC  8% -6%
7 iPhone 7 Glass Screen Protector 8% N/A
8 SanDisk 32GB microSDHC  8% 12%
9 Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War 7% N/A
10 AmazonBasics AA Batteries (48-Pack) 7% 1%

UK residents love gaming: Top ten products purchased on Amazon by UK consumers

Last month we discovered that while the two consumer bases had several key differences in shopping behavior, they shared a common love for Amazon’s Fire TV Stick. This transpired again in September as another Amazon gadget caught both groups’ attention: Amazon Echo. This month, nearly 25 percent of both groups purchased Fire TV Sticks and Amazon Echo products.

The single most popular product purchased on Amazon by UK consumers in September was ‘FIFA 17’ for PS4. The game deputed on September 29th and immediately made the cut, attracting for a quarter of the UK top ten shoppers. When other gaming consoles are taken into account the UK’s love for soccer is pronounced as 37 percent of the top ten purchasers bought ‘FIFA 17’ for either PS4 or Xbox One. These findings support the previous reports that PS4 game purchases outpaced Xbox One purchases. This became obvious when we found that purchases of ‘FIFA 17’ for PS4 in the UK outpaced the same for Xbox One by five to three.

Besides soccer, UK consumers love literature. ‘The Girl on the Train’ debuted on the list this month as consumers prepared for the book’s film premier in October. On the flip side, ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts One & Two’ lost its top-of-mind status this September, after taking third place on the UK’s list.

Here’s the full top ten list for Amazon purchases by UK consumers:

# Product % of Top 10 MoM Changes
1 FIFA 17 (PS4) 25% N/A
2 Amazon Fire TV Stick 15% 3%
3 FIFA 17 (Xbox One) 12% N/A
4 Amazon Echo 11% N/A
5 SanDisk 32 GB microSDHC 8% 1%
6 Amazon Gift Card 6% 17%
7 The Girl on the Train 5% N/A
8 Anker Portable Charger 5% 14%
9 SanDisk 64 GB microSDXC 5% -42%
10 Lean in 15 5% 36%
A common ground: ‘Subscribe & Save’ for cleaning

While the two customer groups display behavioral differences in their online shopping preferences, there is one Amazon feature that both groups use for the same purposes: ‘Subscribe & Save.’ Amazon’s Subscribe & Save is a feature that sets automatic re-orders of products you use frequently, and applies discounts. Not surprisingly, (and similarly to our previous findings for Amazon Dash button purchases), the same types of products show up in the top ten lists for Subscribe & Save products sold in the US and UK.

The focus seems to be on toiletries and cleaning supplies, with more than half of the consumers in the US and nearly a quarter of the UK consumers subscribing to save on toilet paper. We also found that Pampers baby diapers were popular among both customer groups. Given the time constraints and costs related to raising a child, this functionality on Amazon can clearly be seen as a godsend.

Bottom line: Our analysis of US and UK consumers’ Amazon purchases revealed distinct preferences and trends among the two groups. US consumers favor Amazon’s own products, while UK consumers love gaming and enjoy reading. However, we did find the common ground between the two consumer groups, as products purchased through Subscribe & Save were consistent between both. We will continue to analyze the shopping behavior of these two groups, and to identify the leading products sold on Amazon in the US and UK on a monthly basis, so stay tuned!  

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